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Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.


  • outlining

    Well, synopsis…is…ing…. Which comes before the outlining. Ummmm. Yeah. I’m toying with a lot of ideas, but know I ultimately need to fix on a few pillars to address. Pretty sure what at least one of those is. Just not saying it. My, what a helpful post! So, writing? Yes. Just can’t say what until… Continue reading

  • compare and contrast

    The initial, raw paragraph: Dudana began to rock back and forth. The droning croon had resumed. She had her arms wrapped around her waist. The first pass revision: Dudana wrapped her arms around her waist and began to rock back and forth. The droning croon resumed. And that’s why I don’t like people reading my… Continue reading

  • even when we drive

    Even when we drive, we’re not safe from ideas. Especially then. Somewhere along I-55 I jotted down notes with a pen and a receipt flat against my steering wheel. Notes that will help with the revision I need on Firebird, and since Poison‘s outline is grinding its wheels in the mud, it might be good… Continue reading

  • the naming of things

    You know what I have a hard time with? Naming things. Names shape things. I’ve been using this word “Suppliant” throughout the book, and finally decided that it’s the wrong word. So now I need to find a new one that actually means what it means, and only make reference to “Suppliant” as a more… Continue reading

  • *slap*

    Slap slap slap…. Nearing the end of this revision. I like what I’ve got. But I always do, don’t I? Continue reading

  • chapter one and so on and so on

    Slappity slap slap…. The book’s getting another chapter. There’s just no way I can exposition all this in the allotted 7,000 words of space. Continue reading

  • and again

    More slapping around of the first chapters. Bed now. Continue reading

  • prologues

    I think I’ll write three and see which one I like best. Yes, that sounds like a grand idea. Gah. Razzlefraggin complicated world mrnnfgrrrffffrrr…. Continue reading

  • still plugging

    Prologue got some attention. Collaborator and I talked. Still busy at work. Not much else to report. Continue reading

  • George Orwell and the golden bough

    It occurred to me at some point when I was writing about a utopian society that maybe I ought to read about a dystopian one, too. When it comes down to it — scratch the surface of a a utopia and you’ll find a dystopia screaming to get out. Ten years in the gaming industry… Continue reading