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About Me

Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.


  • suddenly!

    More writing. I’d say about 800 words worth. So there. Continue reading

  • palm wine and dust

    And more writing. Hey, maybe this laptop wasn’t a vanity purchase after all. Cannot for the life of me figure out how to network my computers. Suspect that XP and Vista do not want to cooperate. I wouldn’t care so much, except my frickin’ music is all over on Gertrude (the PC in the basement),… Continue reading

  • this time, in rhyme

    Words were written. Things were said. Chew what we’ve bitten, it’s off to bed. (Tired of sittin’ Eyelids of lead Still I’m smitten by Poison to the Dead.) Continue reading

  • frame by frame it did unfold

    Unexpected sex scene. 500 words of boring heroics (!) cut, 1000 words of “um, what just happened?” written. I’d do more, but I gotta sleep. If you happen to read this, Rose was born. Child actress, On the fifth day of the snow Continue reading

  • there is an ocean in my soul

    Busy weekend taking care of the house and cooking meals. But I have many meals cooked now, and the sink is empty, and the litter is fresh, and the lawn is mowed, and it seems likely I might make some good headway on the bo…on the writing. (I’m not calling it a book until I… Continue reading

  • this n’ that

    Writing: Wheee! In other news: I think I’m going to let my SFWA membership expire. It doesn’t seem like I use it for anything except getting a discount on my account. Which is ridiculously overpriced to begin with. $8 a month? For email? Why am I paying this again? Actually, that’s an excellent question… Continue reading

  • shhhhh

    It happened again. Sleepy time! ::yawn:: Continue reading

  • hmmmm.

    Something…something got written. I’m not going to say anything else. We must be careful, lest the muse flit off to a nightclub again. Continue reading

  • shadows keep on changing

    So far: 3000 words How it’s going: I have no idea what my characters are doing. Where it’s going: Hot water, stat. Where it’s been: Kai and Rain’s roles re-purposed to star-crossed lovers, Myr is now the Woman With No Name. OH LOOK, SOMEONE LIKES A GENRE. Item of note: Written entirely using Google’s Doc… Continue reading

  • pink, plink

    I’m in the midst of a crunch at work, so work on the book suffers. I did boost my memory on my home machine, though, and I am thrilled to say that Word docs now load in 5 seconds instead of (no joke) 60. Still liking WriteItNow. Beeeeed. All clothed in a snowy shroud She… Continue reading