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Short Stories

Wil & Lelia (Valdemar, ed. Mercedes Lackey) (Chronological)

  • “Starhaven”, Sun in Glory,  DAW 2003
  • “Safe and Sound”, Crossroads, DAW 2005
  • “Broken Bones”,  Moving Targets, DAW 2008
  • “Midwinter Gifts”, Changing the World,  DAW 2009
  • “Otherwise Engaged”, Finding the Way, DAW 2010
  • “Sight and Sound”, Under the Vale, DAW 2011
  • “The Whitest Lie”, No True Way, DAW 2014
  • “The Highjorune Masque”Crucible, DAW 2015
  • “A Small Quarrel”Tempest,  DAW 2016
  • “Bootknife”Pathways, DAW 2017
  • “Acceptable Losses”Choices, DAW 2018
  • “The Maralud Comes A-Knocking”SeasonsDAW 2019
  • “The Choice Makes the Chosen”Passages, DAW 2020
  • “The Ghost of the High Hills”Boundaries, DAW 2021
  • “All Around the Belltower”, Shenanigans, DAW 2022
  • “Good Intentions”, Anything With Nothing, DAW 2023

Other (Alpha by Title)

  • “Ancient Warrior”, Sword & Sorceress XI, DAW 1994
  • “At the Tolling of Midnight”, Sword & Sorceress VII, DAW 1990
  • “Blood Ties”, Sword of Ice, DAW 1997
  • “Circle of Ashes”, Lammas Night, Baen 1996
  • “Empty Jar, Empty Chest”, 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories, Barnes & Noble 1995
  • “Fly or Fall”, Elementary, DAW 2013
  • “Her Mother’s Sword”, Sword & Sorceress X, DAW 1993
  • “Jewel-Bright”, Sword & Sorceress XIII, DAW 1996
  • “Promise to Angel”, Sword & Sorceress XII, DAW 1995
  • “Shards of Crystal”, Sword & Sorceress VIII, DAW 1991
  • “Winterwood”, Sword & Sorceress IX, DAW 1992

Interviews and Articles (non-fiction)

  • “Textual Healing”, Game Developer Magazine, Dec 2007
  • Jennifer Roberson, MZBFM Win 1995
  • Tanya Huff, MZBFM ????
  • “Dealing with Rejection”, MZBFM ????

A Little About This List….

I sold my first story when I was thirteen to Sword & Sorceress VII. Every now and then, I somehow repeat the magic.

Selling a story when you are a teenager is a lot like putting things on public social media when you’re a teenager: somewhere in your twenties you begin to regret it.  Then you get into your thirties and say, “Eh.  Oh well.”  And I’m guessing later, in my forties, I might be proud of my teenage self, as I watch my children grow and wonder at the things they accomplish.

I don’t really think my early stories are the height of great storytelling, but I won’t stop people from reading them.  Just remember I was still going through acne, and bullies, and other assorted bullshit at that age.  And it is not that I don’t still have those problems.  I am just better equipped to handle them now.

About Me

Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.