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About Me

My name is Stephanie, and I’ve been writing and selling short stories in the fantasy genre since I was thirteen.

I have written three books, and sold none of them. Awesome! This is why you get a day job or a trust fund, kids.

Matt Bayne once drew me in a brushstroke style and for that I have always been grateful. So I guess imagine a woman looking upward off camera in black and white brushstroke lines.

I’ve made over two dozen short story and article sales in my life to various editors of professional anthologies, been a first reader for a professional fantasy magazine, aided and abetted in the organization of conventions, answered fan mail for other people, and have served as a ghost editor and writer.

I grew up in Orange County, went to school in San Francisco, and moved to St. Louis for a job in the games industry, helping to build some of the earliest of the early text-based online roleplaying games.  I lived there for thirteen years, then took employment with Blizzard Entertainment and moved back to Southern California.

In 2021 I left Blizzard and California to take a job at Wizards of the Coast, where I work as a senior game producer on Magic: the Gathering Arena.

I met my fiancé Mike in 1999, though neither of us knew that was our future at the time.  We were friends for nearly a decade, then we started dating, and then he proposed and I said yes.  His eye tried to explode sometime not long after, but we got married anyway in 2011.  Our daughter followed in 2013, and our handsome son followed in 2016.  They are both ridiculously charming and funny, just like their parents.  Ahem.

As a family, we like camping and eating weird food and being kind to our fellow human beings.  In our not-so-copious free time we explore the world around us and try to leave it better than we found it.  Among a few things we believe in: trans rights, black lives matter, love is love, respecting others is cool, women should feel safe no matter what role they work in, and science is rad.  Stay awesome. ♥

About Me

Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.