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Outlining “Raising Hell”

“Raising Hell”. It’s a working title. It’s unlikely to be a finished title, as my marketing bones say it’s a bad name (titles with hell and damnation in them don’t do well, y’know, or didn’t 20 years ago…maybe I’m old).

Anyway, I’m halfway through the outlining process. I write in 3k chunks, so to do a 100k novel I need 30 chapters. I’m up to chapter 16. I hit a streak tonight, so that took me up to chapter 16.

It is absolutely cheating to wordcount outlines. It is literally notetaking from the deepest depths of my subconscious. But it was also 2000 words of notetaking, and that felt pretty good for a 2 hour burst.

I’m having problems right now uploading images to my WordPress. It’s the SSL installation. I suspect I may have to…sigh…do a clean install, because technology is not easy or fun. Anyway. Until then, enjoy these walls of text.

Also, I detest this theme and I want to nuke it from orbit and I truly wish I had a staging environment now.

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