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About Me

Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.

February 2009

  • brain pimple

    ::pokes brain:: ::ideas squirt out:: ….ewwwwww. Still working out ideas. I’m giving each story its time. Outlines starting in a week or so, due to hijinks with birthdays and V-Day and so on. Continue reading

  • what now?

    That’s what I always ask myself after every completed project. Okay. What now? I did a leisurely cruise through my old (1 year+) story starts and…I love three of them. Possibly even four. I can’t write three (four) novels at once, though, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last ten years, it’s… Continue reading