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Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.

June 2007

  • want vs. need

    I wanted to write tonight, but instead I came down with a sinus headache that four Advil, two aspirin, and 5mg of Vicodin couldn’t take care of. I spent most of the day on my couch feeling like I had to throw up and wanting to stab Rachael Rae in the eyes for having such… Continue reading

  • dollar by dollar your soul gets smaller

    A mere 500 words tonight, but to my credit I did rip out some wordage and replace it with new stuff. And it was meeting night. So far: 7442 words How it’s going: Jake tracks down Kate. Where it’s going: Emo girls. Where it’s been: Kate ruminating on her vulnerabilities. Item(s) of note: I took… Continue reading

  • oh dear

    I appear to still be awake. That can’t be good. At least it’s not 3 AM….YET. So far: 6954 words How it’s going: Kate just got moneys. Where it’s going: YARN SHOP Where it’s been: Coffee, bionic mosquitoes, and a visit from Mr. Hughes. Item(s) of note: Bayside’s Walking Wounded is my music of choice… Continue reading

  • It felt like climbing out of a grave in winter.

    Little less than 900 words. So far: 5436 words How it’s going: Jake is enjoying the morning. Where it’s going: Kate using the internets. Where it’s been: Birds and sleep. Item(s) of note: Browser-based spell-checkers don’t like the word “corvine”, but are okay with lupine and bovine. Also: crow feeding habits. Not much to say.… Continue reading

  • sober as well from loneliness

    It didn’t seem like a lot, but I guess 700 words is. Hunh. That warrants an entry. So far: 4576 words How it’s going: Noise investigated. Munin’s magic smells like axle grease. Where it’s going: Kate’s missive. Where it’s been: Sleeping on the couch. Item of note: I didn’t know how to properly spell “axle”… Continue reading

  • i only think in the form of crunching numbers

    Late lunch. Words anyway. So far: 3850 words How it’s going: Jake has heard a noise, and must investigate. Where it’s going: A false alarm. Where it’s been: Crackhead the Friendly Ghost, and cheese-and-apple sandwiches. Could it be that Jake is a vegetarian? Item of note: Jake’s a vegetarian? News to me. Goddamn characters. Continue reading

  • two quarters and a heart down

    Lunch hours are for writing. 1200 words, to be exact. I am a typing machine when I want to be. So far: 2720 words How it’s going: Kate is digesting, but unable to eat, drink, or sleep. The ramifications of magic are severe. Where it’s going: Jake next, I suspect. Where it’s been: A silent… Continue reading

  • one night, and one more time

    So far: 1550 words How it’s going: Kate is miserable, Jake is bidness. Where it’s going: To a diner. Where it’s been: On a footbridge, with a dead girl. Item of note: The other WIP. This is for when I feel like writing modern and cussing a lot. If the other book has inspiration from… Continue reading

  • shadows keep on changing

    So far: 3000 words How it’s going: I have no idea what my characters are doing. Where it’s going: Hot water, stat. Where it’s been: Kai and Rain’s roles re-purposed to star-crossed lovers, Myr is now the Woman With No Name. OH LOOK, SOMEONE LIKES A GENRE. Item of note: Written entirely using Google’s Doc… Continue reading

  • what to write next

    Modern? Epic? Revise something? Revisit something? Outline? Research? Re-evaluate? I really don’t know. But, hey, it’s not like anyone is expecting anything from me at this time. This morning I did have a great idea for a lead-in line, that all-important “hook”. I freaking hate hooks, but I think this was is sufficiently quirky. Hopefully… Continue reading