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Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.

January 2007

  • lovely on the water

    Hunh. Apparently someone in the Yahoo! directory thinks I’m a man. This after being told today by a coworker that the piece I wrote for him today was “masculine”. Should I take canny satisfaction in that I can pass my writing voice off as male when I want to? Is it a talent, or just… Continue reading

  • more progress

    10,051 / 81,000(12.4%) One week of writing: 12% of the first draft done, and I magically lost three pounds. If this keeps up, I may have to celebrate with dim sum. Also, I learned a new word today: decedent. Who knew! God, I need sleep. Continue reading

  • chugging along

    7,698 / 81,000(9.5%) Book #4 is moving along briskly here at Casa del Goteo, and I should surpass 10% completion tonight. Progress is a lovely thing. I broke in the midst of a scene last night, something I rarely do, but I was nearing the 1000 word mark, and I’m trying to keep to a… Continue reading

  • another chapter bites the dust

    Today’s darling: He slurped up a slice of bacon like it was spaghetti, chewed it like gum. Yum. I am, myself, firmly in the gummy bacon category of bacony-love. Crisp bacon has a place, but it’s only on sandwiches and salads. In all other applications, I want to be able to blow bubbles with my… Continue reading

  • a new experiment

    I have joined a community and I am now Writing a Novel. For those of you requiring phallic representation of my progress, here it is: 2,622 / 81,000(3.2%) This story is largely based on the massive amounts of work I did on the now-stalled Dead Wicked story. Nothing is ever lost. But I won’t be… Continue reading