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Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.

September 2006

  • synopsis

    When your outline runs dry, nothing wrong with writing a synopsis. It’s amazing the “facts” that seep out when I’m writing this stuff. Poked at “The Changing Season”. Apparently, Kitsu’s stuff will all have “change” in the title somewhere. Continue reading

  • a good challenge

    PBW is doing an ebook challenge that I missed taking note of during all the hub-bub of August. But I noticed it today. So I’m going to take that bet, and write a short story or novella or whatever I can about Kitsu, since she keeps burning a hole in my brain, and this might… Continue reading

  • outline: ch. 4

    Hurray for outlines, pointing out obvious plot and pacing problems. That’s fixed, and the two-page chapter four summary is done, and I am salivating to write this in full. The sample I posted is already out of date. I really love the magic of this world. I’d go on to five, but sleep calls. G’night.… Continue reading

  • outline: ch. 3

    Chapter three is outlined and choreographed (there’s fightin’), and the characters are quite pickled. The all-important playlist for this period is also outlined. Going to attempt chapters 4-6 after I get some chores, errands, and gym time done. Continue reading

  • On Outlining

    Poison to the Dead is manifesting itself as a full book, so drawing upon the experience of the last two books, I have begun the outlining process. The first outline I ever did (for Firebird) was in a separate file and took about a week, start to finish. This time I’m evolving the technique. I’m… Continue reading

  • market for “binder”?

    Possibly. “Binder” was my last stab at the final Sword and Sorceress anthology. It got stuck on an editor’s desk for the better part of a year, which can lead me to two conclusions: the editor got overwhelmed and didn’t actually read her submissions until a few weeks before deadline, or the editor liked the… Continue reading

  • tip tapping at two

    We are under mini-deadline! AAAH! I wrote anyway, about that which is poisonous to the dead. Now I’m going to bed. G’night. Continue reading