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Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.


  • re: my brains

    Still crunchy, and now also insomnia-ridden. Glee! And after Wednesday afternoon, I’m in California…so, sorry book, you get shuffled around to the back for a bit. The Benadryl I took so I can sleep is kicking in. G’night. all we want to do is eat your brains we’re not unreasonable I mean no one’s gonna… Continue reading

  • pink, plink

    I’m in the midst of a crunch at work, so work on the book suffers. I did boost my memory on my home machine, though, and I am thrilled to say that Word docs now load in 5 seconds instead of (no joke) 60. Still liking WriteItNow. Beeeeed. All clothed in a snowy shroud She… Continue reading

  • creak, crackle

    Another chapter done. Notes written. Lots more characters created. I am character-happy. The count, for those who care, is at 6500 words. Closing in on that vital 1/10th of the way! Anyway, time for bed. Ni-night. Continue reading

  • everlastin’ outcrop in the sky

    A few paragraphs tonight. More drama needed. I’ve been watching ER reruns fairly religiously the last few months, and I admire there amazing ability to turn the beat around with some well-timed drama. I can only imagine the script writers sitting around with a scene and some senior writer saying, “Now, have her do THE… Continue reading

  • hey, miss murder

    1400 more words. No one is being particularly nice to this eight year old. Poor Myr. We get to find out why in a few chapters, but for now she’s just getting hammered from all sides. My tub is still full of dust and detritus, so I have to go to the gym tomorrow, so… Continue reading

  • with a cat in one lap…

    1500 more words, plus some background about cities and cemetery cities. Some awfully violent stuff in there. I’m concerned that the story thus far sounds a little too much like [OTHER NOVEL I READ LAST YEAR]. I’ll need to go back and check that book to see if they’re too close kin or if I’m… Continue reading

  • officially sick of the sofa

    Wrote some. 1300 words. That’s nearly half a chapter! If I’d started earlier, it would be a whole chapter. I need a deadline. End of February for a first draft. That’s ten chapters a month…2.5 chapters a week, plotting as I go. Sure. Let’s go with that. Also, I can’t get through The Scar for… Continue reading

  • mire

    My house is clean. This is a sign. I haven’t been writing. Not giving myself goals and deadlines doesn’t help my writing self. Damn. I had so hoped I could be one of those fancy shoot-from-the-hip types, but…. So, anyway, I have questions to ask myself. Like, do I want to write a novel for… Continue reading

  • even when we drive

    Even when we drive, we’re not safe from ideas. Especially then. Somewhere along I-55 I jotted down notes with a pen and a receipt flat against my steering wheel. Notes that will help with the revision I need on Firebird, and since Poison‘s outline is grinding its wheels in the mud, it might be good… Continue reading

  • synopsis

    When your outline runs dry, nothing wrong with writing a synopsis. It’s amazing the “facts” that seep out when I’m writing this stuff. Poked at “The Changing Season”. Apparently, Kitsu’s stuff will all have “change” in the title somewhere. Continue reading