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Hello, my name is Steph. I’ve been writing and publishing since 1988 and I’ve been in the games industry since 1996. I wrote a little bit more on the About Me page. This is my sometimes-updated website. Enjoy.


  • argh

    Mine eyes canst take no more. I have about 15 chapters to go. Since I’ve figured out that the stuff I haven’t touched since the copy-edit is more or less solid, I’m focusing on sections that were changed in the last 30 days, which is speeding up the process tremendously. Should be set to print… Continue reading

  • clop clop CLANG CLANG clop clop

    “His hands skimmed over leather belts and metal buckets….” Because a horse’s riding tact really just isn’t complete without the metal buckets. Adventures in manuscript reading. Continue reading

  • read through through through

    Nine chapters, five hours, eyes bleeding, done for now, will finish tomorrow. The sections that need the most work are the ones I added recently. Everything I print-edited seems to be fine (quelle shock). Wrote 1200 words in the outline for the second book. Unintended words. I guess re-reading the first one is making the… Continue reading

  • hey everyone

    I hope people out there aren’t worrying about me. I realize I complain about being tired a lot, and I’m sorry if that’s made some of you think I’m whipping myself to death. Truth is, I sleep in on weekends, take naps when I deem it’s prudent, and generally take days off if I feel… Continue reading

  • more reading aloud

    Only two chapters again, but I spent time in later chapters supplementing knowledge. Finding insertion points (and yes, that does sound vaguely dirty) was difficult. Just a gentle reminder to self: OUTLINES GOOD. Meetings ran late. And then me and mom talked for over a half hour. My intestinal thing continues to be bothersome. If… Continue reading

  • when professionals attack

    Found a couple interesting blogs today: Polite Dissent: Fact Check of Medicine in Comics and TV  Suspension of Disbelief: A Fact Check for Comic Books Fascinatin’. Heading home to read me some book. Continue reading

  • reading aloud

    Okay, so that took a little longer than I was expecting. Hmmm. I need a glass of water…. Two chapters tonight, but I started late (was at work until 10 PM — don’t ask) and I didn’t bring a glass of water downstairs and I had IMs and email to answer. Tomorrow I’ll start earlier,… Continue reading

  • ch. 41

    Chapter 41 edits entered. I’ll be spending Tuesday – Friday reading the book aloud in the privacy of my own home (yes…I read it with different voices for different characters; okay, I’m a dork). BUT at this point I’m done with major story editing. Any first readers who get a hold of it from here… Continue reading

  • dayjob

    Intestinal tract still unhappy. It was before the Saturday party; I won’t go into graphic description, but meetings would be nearly impossible today. So I stayed home. And now I’m adding the changes to 41 inbetween the couch and the washroom. Because the bugger reads like I was half-asleep when I rewrote it…and surprise, I… Continue reading

  • plzturnthevolumedownonthesun

    I was sick, sick, sick this weekend. Mostly due to my own stupidity. And because of my own stupidity, no progress on any stories, aside from some entered changes for 16. I’m such a moron. So, to recap, one glass of red wine with dinner — good! Three shots of vodka in a row —… Continue reading