First Five Pages of Thumbnails!



Page One

  • It's nighttime!
  • Panel One - He's thinking. Skyline in silhouette.
  • Panel Two - This page is actually a backdrop for the whole page. Ginette's rooftop. There's a glowy thing on it. Also, a fire escape on the side of the building. that's how Ras got up.
  • Panel Three - He's facing camera. Still thinking. Munin is beginning to ascend behind him.
  • Panel Four - He calls to Munin, not knowing he's coming up. No answer.
  • Panel Five - He finally turns, still calling Munin. Munin answers.

Page Two

  • Gratuitous Munin Shot
  • Rasputin is doing that whipping-around-because-he's-surprised pose.
  • I assume you can make this look cool.
  • That thing on the left was supposed to be a lamp post. ^_^;

Page Three

  • Earlier....
  • Panel One - It's the Quick-Maid Diner! Valkyrie owned since 1976!.
  • Panel Two - Rasputin is walking down the row to Munin and Corvin's booth. Munin and Corvin are sitting in the booth, staring at each other. Rasputin is apologetic. His hands are in his pockets.
  • Panel Three - BIG Corvin to take up the right side of the page partially. He's unreadable as usual.
  • Panel Four - His rudeness vexes Rasputin.
  • Panel Five - Ras hasn't had a lot of sleep, apparently.
  • Panel Six - Half of Corvin's face, focusing on the eyes.
  • Panel Seven - A mirror of six, sort of intimating through imagery that the two are part of one another. Take the background from six and flip it, maybe?

Page Four

  • Panel One - Corvin is explaining. Rasputin stares into the camera.
  • Panel Two - Artist's choice, do we narrow the frame to slowly make Ras the only one in it, or do we move in on him? Space overhead for where Corvin is still going on. Rasputin has his head in his hand.
  • Panel Three - By the end, all we see is Rasputin, whose head is on the table. He really just wants to go back to bed.
  • Panel Four - Ras has sat up again. He's finger-combing/straightening out his bedhead.
  • Panel Five - Munin explaining that he's going along for the ride.

Page Five

  • Panel One - Munin puts his arm around Ras's shoulders and leans in to tell Corvin they'll take care of everything. Ras is dubious of this. Corvin is drinking his tea.
  • Panel Two - Munin leading Ras off. Ras looks back, imploring Corvin with his eyes. Munin does not look back. Corvin doesn't care.
  • Panel Three - A pause as Corvin stares off into the distance, obviously waiting for something....
  • Panel Four - ...aaaand there it is. Munin begging for cab money (no Ras). Corvin denying him gladly.